20th Century Flicks

Posted by Tom Brogan on Friday, February 6, 2015

Following on from my post on Wednesday about Scarecrow Video, the BBC website today has a video feature on 20th Century Flicks, a video shop from Bristol. They still rent VHS tapes and have 18,000 titles on video and DVD. Here it is.

There's also a really good article on them from Rife Magazine (also where I nicked the photograph from.) They were also featured in The Guardian in October 2014.

"Celebrity patrons have included Ken Russell, Paul McGann and Edgar Wright. Simon Pegg still owes a £4.50 late fee for a VHS copy of Crimes and Misdemeanours.

McGann has long been a fan. “20th Century has long been as much a fixture of the neighbourhood as any bar or cafe,” he says. “I remember I once had cause to hire the VHS copy of Withnail myself, and then promptly went away for months and forgot to return it. When eventually I did their fine was almost as much as my salary had been to shoot the picture.” "

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