Call Me Lucky

Posted by Tom Brogan on Sunday, January 25, 2015
Bobcat Goldthwait has been one of my favourite filmmakers of the last few years. World's Greatest Dad and God Bless America in particular have become two of my favourite ever films.

His new film, which is at Sundance, is a documentary. 'Call Me Lucky' tells the story of Barry Crimmins, a comedian from San Francisco. Boing Boing has an interview with Goldthwait and Crimmins.

"Goldthwait: It’s been a really strange year for me, probably the roughest year of my life. Divorce, then my best friend [Robin Williams] passing away, then breaking up with my girlfriend. But on the upside, at least I get to spend ten to twelve hours a day every day editing a child abuse film. (Laughter.)

When I realized it was going to be close to impossible to get a narrative movie made about Barry, which is what I originally thought I would do, it was Robin who suggested I make a doc. He gave me the initial funds to make it. It’s premiering at Sundance in the same theater where World’s Greatest Dad premiered. And like Barry, I didn’t let Robin see himself in that movie either. So I’m hoping it’s the same kind of positive experience this time, when Barry and I sit next to each other in the theater and watch it together for the first time."

Here's Barry Crimmins doing stand-up in 1985.

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