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Posted by Tom Brogan on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Under: Television
The latest season of HBO's Eastbound and Down has been a real revelation for me. It's a comedy that sprinkles in drama so well. Kenny Powers is a far more complex character than he appears from the off. One week I find myself really rooting for him and the following week I'm thoroughly appalled by his behaviour.

It's Stevie though who has made me laugh the most. The changes in his looks and attitudes have had me near crying the last few weeks. Ken Marino also has me in awe of his acting abilities. To go from a character like Ron in Party Down, a put upon, lost soul, to the swagger of Guy Young shows real acting chops.

As a whole Eastbound and Down has been a solid show, but season four has been really powerful. The real antagonist of this season seems like Kenny Powers himself. It's almost like in certain circumstances he knows he's about to do the wrong thing but commits fully to doing it in any case.

With only one episode left I look forward to seeing how the wrap the whole thing up satisfactorily. Below is a short clip from the finale.

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