Larry David on his Broadway Debut

Posted by Tom Brogan on Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Larry David talks to Playbill about his Broadway play 'Fish in the Dark'.

"They had a couple show albums in the house," he says of his parents. "They had My Fair Lady and Oklahoma! and Flower Drum Song. They were in the stereo cabinet. We never saw a show. We never went once. I don't think I saw a show until I was 20 or 21. I think it was Hair."

Okay. So the theatre bug never bit young Larry. Then why a play now, at the ripe age of 67? Credit the late Nora Ephron.
"I saw Nora Ephron's play, Lucky Guy. I just thought, 'That must be a really interesting thing to do.' I had never thought that would be something I'd like to do or could do." A year later, following the passing of Braun's father, he began writing. He had a first draft in six months.

Somehow, Scott Rudin found out, because Rudin makes it his business to find out when notable writers and actors are theatre-ready. "He sent me an e-mail," tells David. It read: "I heard you wrote a play. Hello?"

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