Louie Meets the Press

Posted by Tom Brogan on Monday, January 19, 2015
With a new season of 'Louie' being announced by FX Louis CK spoke with reporters yesterday to discuss season four of his show.

For me it's been a show like nothing else on television. One week it's sitcom(although very rarely), the next it's a surrealist short film, then it's a drama, then there's lengthy stand-up sections. It's always watchable, even when he doesn't quite pull it off. But a few episodes from the last couple of seasons have been up there with the best television of all time in my opinion.

Here's HitFix's account of his chat.

"It's not like I'm playing basketball and I want to play baseball. You can do them both on the same court," Louis says when asked if he wants to do drama secretly instead of comedy. He says his favorite movies are the ones that do both. "I guess I don't want to put it in either box," he says, but adds that he'd never announce he wanted to do drama. He adds, though, that this season may be more "laugh-centric funny." 

This is a scene from season four.

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