SBIFF 2015 - Writers Panel "It Starts With The Script"

Posted by Tom Brogan on Saturday, February 7, 2015
At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Writers Panel several of this year's Oscar nominated writers spoke about their films and their writing process.

Daily Nexus has a summary of the event.

Max Frye (“Foxcatcher”) likes to take an old-fashioned route via yellow legal pad and felt pen. But when he takes it to the computer, the transcript is, in essence, already a rewrite. The blend of old and modern writing tools seems effective, though Frye admitted that procrastination was still an issue. “I’d get to the point where I’d keep putting it off,” Frye said, “and then it’ll be 6 o’ clock and I’d go ‘Oh, well, it’s coffee time.’ But I completely changed my life by writing first thing in the morning without doing anything else. If I even go to the bank, I’m ruined for the day.”

The whole panel is available to watch below.

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