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Playwrights on Playwriting - Beginnings

Posted by Tom Brogan on Saturday, January 27, 2018, In : Writing Process 
How do playwrights get ideas? How do they begin writing their plays? What do they do to get the first draft completed? Below are some thoughts from playwrights on how they begin.

Ideas and Getting Started

"I’m a thorough planner. I don’t write from nothing onto the page. There are five stages of the writing process for me. There’s a lengthy period of months and months of mulling. I move from what Peter Brook describes as “a formless hunch” to starting work on a play. I’ve got to go ...

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The Slab Boys

Posted by Tom Brogan on Wednesday, February 11, 2015,
I was in a production of The Slab Boys in 2010. As such it's a play I've read multiple times, and I've been to see other productions of it. I'm going along to see the latest production at the Citizens next week.

In this video by Urbancroft Productions writer John Byrne and director David Hayman talk about the history of the play and what to expect from the latest show.

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Sam Shepard

Posted by Tom Brogan on Sunday, November 17, 2013, In : Theatre 

I went to see
True West at the Citizen's Theatre on Saturday night, for the second time during its run. I had also seen it on the third night and I really enjoyed it. The set looked amazing and the two leads, Alex Ferns and Eugene O'Hare, seemed like they were having a lot of fun, especially in the later scenes. I had made a note to myself to go back to see it a second time, but I was only propelled to get another ticket when the Citz announced that the last performance would be followed by a...

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