They're Gonna Take My Thumbs

Posted by Tom Brogan on Sunday, September 7, 2014

During the recent Simpsons marathon on FXX several writers and producers of the show were live tweeting with their behind the scenes stories of how the episodes came into being. Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz and Simpsons writer/producer Matt Selman hosted an eight and a half hour viewing which they streamed on YouTube full of insight and trivia.

But my favourite little inside story was from the years old DVD commentary of the season 6 episode 'Lisa on Ice'. David Mirkin reveals that Moe's great line, "But Blanche, you gotta help me out here, please! I'm 64 grand in the hole! They're going to take my thumbs!" was inspired by a scene from The Pope of Greenwich Village.

The 1984 film was one I first watched in the summer of 1990 when I went through a phase of renting Mickey Rourke films from one of the two local video shops. This is the scene below.

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