Cinderella Boys

Comedy, 75 minutes, two acts

Three males, two females 

Cinderella Boys was first performed at the Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow on 11th June 2011.


It’s Wednesday 19th of April 1972 and 155,000 football fans flock to Glasgow as Celtic welcome Inter Milan in the semi-final of the European Cup, while Rangers host Bayern Munich at the same stage of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

 In a flat in Partick Ross McLeod is warming up his brand new television to watch the games at home.  But he won’t be alone. His wife Diane has invited round some old friends. People Ross would rather not have to entertain for the evening.

 Ross, and his former work and union colleague Danny McMeechan have drifted apart since a European Cup final and a missing works van caused Ross to lose his job. While their wives Diane and Melanie remain friends and make plans away from independently of their husbands, Ross and Danny stick with the insular safety of their respective football social circles.

 Still, needs must when the football is on, and Diane and Melanie try to enjoy a rare social occasion. But an unexpected face from the past arrives, bringing with him a reminder of secrets long and best forgotten. Could he simply be dropping in on old friends? Or does he have a purpose beyond a simple social call? 

There is an extract from the script on the Writing page.  A copy of 'Cinderella Boys' is held at the National Library of Scotland. Below are production photographs taken by Louise Henderson.