Dimmock: Portrait of an Athlete

Short Film

Comedy, 11 minutes 

Dimmock: Portrait of an Athlete is a short film shot on location at Greenfield Park, the home of Shettleston Juniors. Produced by Unscene Production Company it tells the story of Colin Dimmock, a midfield playmaker, whose natural talent has allowed him to play well into his forties. Or so he believes anyway. The film features Raymond Mearns as Dimmock and former Celtic defender Pat McCluskey as the Boss.

The film won the Audience Award at GMAC's Cafe Flicker event in May of 2013. In that same year it played at both the Loch Ness Film Festival and the Deep Fried Film Festival. 

The cast and crew details can be found on IMDb.com. You can see a trailer on the Video page. Production photographs below by Julie Robertson

Here is the film in its entirety. (It displays like it's been taken down, but as of January 2021 it still plays.)