Odds and Sods

Comedy, 90 mins, two acts

5 males, 2 females 

Odds and Sods was first performed by Strathclyde Theatre Group at the Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow as a Rehearsed Reading on Tuesday 24th March 2009. A full production followed, opening on Monday 12th October 2009.


 Sandy has ran the bookies for more years than he cares to recall. Janice, his sole employee, is a constant thorn in his side. The business has seen better days and his only source of income or enjoyment comes from the money put over the counter by his regular clientèle of losing punters.

Among his punters the constant schemer Milton is threatening legal action, while former pop star Jordon is reneging on a deal struck to write off his gambling debts. Frank is facing up to the fact that life has passed him by, while Shelagh is hoping he can find some money to lend her to finance her wagers.

But the biggest threat Sandy faces may well come from Shug, the long-time loser, who, sick of being taunted, places an accumulator that just might see the normality of life in Sandy's Bookies shattered for good.

An extract of the script is available to download on the Writing page. A copy of 'Odds and Sods' can be found in the National Library of Scotland. Below are production photographs taken by Susan Triesman.