Great Lengths 

Comedy/Drama, 65 minutes, one act

One male, One female 

 'Great Lengths' is a one act play first performed at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow in March 2013 as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. The play featured Natalie Clark and James Keenan in the roles of Katy and Ben. It was directed by Tom Brogan.

Ben just wants to get away for a few days and forget that he’s been chucked. Katy wants to be alone for the weekend and forget about the boyfriend she’s ditched. They didn’t count on having each other for company.

A play about how far we’ll go to get someone into our life. And how far we’ll go to keep someone out.

Having waited until his early thirties to reveal his sexuality to the world Ben is crushed to be dumped by his first real boyfriend. He rushes off to a friend’s house in the Highlands to nurse his wounds. Meanwhile Katy has had about all she can take of her clinging boyfriend and she too decides to get away for a few days. A relative’s holiday home seems to be the ideal location until she discovers Ben already ensconced inside.

 The two find that they hold opposing views on love and relationships. They’re also not quite telling the truth about what it is exactly they’re on the run from. Can they iron out the flaws in each other’s relationships before the past catches up with them?

There is an extract from the script on the Writing page. Below are some photographs from rehearsals taken by me.