On this page you can find some videos of  various projects I have been involved with. 

Great Lengths

The first clip is five minutes from 'Great Lengths', a one act play. This was filmed at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow on Thursday 28th March 2013. It features James Keenan and Natalie Clark.


Dimmock: Portrait of an Athlete

The next clip is a trailer for 'Dimmock: Portrait of an Athlete' a short film written and directed by Tom Brogan. The film stars Raymond Mearns and was produced by Unscene Production Company. It won the audience award at GMAC's Cafe Flicker event for May 2013. 

It was screened as part of the Loch Ness Film Festival in July 2013 and as part of the Deep Fried Film Festival in August 2013. You can see the whole film on the Dimmock page on this site.

You Owe Me Glue

Below are three sketches You Owe Me Glue filmed with director Scott Given of PixelBoost in the Autumn of 2008. 




You Owe Me Glue - Live

Below are five videos from the live show 'You Owe Me Glue'. The sketches 'Hard Science', 'Fight Night on the 40' , 'Bad News Stripper ', 'Winogram' and 'Blue Pimper' were written by Tom Brogan and Fraser Campbell. The actors featured are Alison May, Moira Byrne, Darran Lightbody, Fraser Campbell,  Anne-Marie Feeney and Paul Cumming.